Doheny Image Reading and Research Lab (DIRRL)

Research Fellows and Publications

Ahmed Roshdy Zeyada AlAgorie, MD

Research Fellow

(Joined Doheny 7/2018)

Amirhossein Hariri, MD

Research Fellow/Investigator

(Joined Doheny 6/2011)

Ayesha Karamat, MPH, MBBS

Research Grader/Research Fellow

(Joined Doheny 7/2016)

Giulia Corradetti, MD

Research Fellow

(Joined Doheny 1/2019)

Iksoo Byon, MD

Research Fellow

(Joined Doheny 8/2018)

Jyotsna Maram, OD, PhD

Research Fellow/Research Associate

(Re-Joined Doheny 10/2016)

Liran Tiosano, MD

Research Fellow

(Joined Doheny 1/2019)

Mengyuan Fang, MD, PhD

Research Fellow

(Joined Doheny 12/2017)

Mengyuan Fang, MD, PhD

Research Fellow

(Joined Doheny 12/2017)

Muneeswar Gupta Nittala, MPhil

Research Fellow/Senior Research Associate

(Joined Doheny 6/2010)

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